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Martina Motwani - The Digital Marketer expert providing international service for over 50 countries.

"I cannot take a salary as a bribe to fulfill another person's dream. I've decided to start my own online digital marketing company."- Martina Motwani

Stage Name: Martina Motwani

Home Town: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Profession: Digital Marketer

SEO & SMM Expert



Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, in this week's feature cover we have the digital marketer Tycoon Ms Martina Motwani. She is a serial entrepreneur with several titles and companies under her belt. Ms Martina is best known as the CEO & Founder of Martina Motwani, Freengowebsite, Webseosmm and many more.

Ms Motwani is among our list of TOP 100 SELF MADE ENTREPRENEURS from around the globe. In today's exclusive interview sit down, she will be talking about her digital marketing empire. Plus, how within an 8 year period, she got to work with more than 500 companies & brands for over 50 countries. We are thrilled to have her as our special guest today here on NEECEE LEXY blog. Let's welcome Ms Martina Motwani!

Please tell us about yourself?

I am a Freelance SEO Expert, Internet Marketer & Web Consultant. Until now you know some basic details including my name, profession etc. Moving ahead, let me introduce myself as a young creative, hard-working and efficient woman. I was born and raised in the city of lakes, Udaipur.

Having founded my own company at an age of 22 and working as a freelancer as well as a permanent employer I have a total experience of over 5 years in the IT industry. My expertise includes SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing and Web consultation. Below you can find more about my skills, work experiences, Academic Qualification, portfolio and customer Testimonials.

I have a small team of experienced web experts working with me and I am openly available for any Freelance work related to but not limited to Web Design, Web Development, SEO, SMM and Internet Marketing.

How did you get start with your enterprise Martina Motwani SEO & Digital marketing?

When I was in college doing MCA I and my brother started work online. I was searching on the internet for new ways to make money. We go through lots of websites and finally, I started my career through

I take projects through freelancer some things I learned from freelancer. The first project I was taken in 2011. In two years I worked more than 50 clients. This journey I worked on many small websites like Fiverr and Fivesquid many more. After that, I got my MCA training in Ahmedabad in SEO. I set up my mind that I want to do Digital Marketing and branding. I Worked self as freelance learn and earn. I am belonging to Middle-Class family. My Mother Monika Motwani always support me for high education. What I am just because of her encouragement and my brother Lokesh Motwani. They are my pillars to fly. We take decision finally as many clients request and inquiries we registered our Parent company in 2015. We are working through the world's 50 plus countries and more than 200 cities globally. Our international Clients are very happy with our services and our city clients we are dealing too. We know they want our assistance. This is God’s blessings and family friends support I achieve that position today.

Take us through a day in your life as a female entrepreneur.

The female entrepreneur journey is too hard. I am not born in silver spoon but my family cares me like princes. I love them a lot. They are with me its amazing thing in this world. When I was doing MCA my dream is that I want to work wherever I go, Wherever I live and that dream come true just because of my freelance Career started. I grow learn and earn with my client's request. I am quick learner and introvert. I feel that my work is my identity. As long you grow people will ask what are you doing Not How are you? Being independent and motivated my family helps me. I got lots of troubles, losses and hard times that I don't have money to buy a laptop fast internet to work with. Time flies and the true colours of life have been seen by me. I trust in God never left me. I am Thankful for my family friends and these hard times which makes me powerful. Empower my career I wish I have to fulfill my parents all dreams. My Mom is fulfilling my all wishes as she is a housewife. She gave us education, healthy food to activates. I am lucky that this part of my life is the most beautiful part, and that my marriage is broken. As I was tortured by my husband and in-laws. My all dreams are broken and trying to kill me for dowery. Even I am earning more than them and take care of them. They kick off me from home. I faced lots of issues but my work gives me power and my family makes me stronger. It happened with me I don't want sympathy but those people who marry just because of money I want to punish them. My parents hold my hand after this gives me a healthy safe and beautiful life and my Father, brother and mother always stand with me to do what you want to do. I do lots of work and do more to fulfill my dreams.

What is the inspiration behind your enterprise Martina Motwani ?

When I started working as a Freelancer that time SEO is a very new concept. All the clients need SEO, Link building, and social media marketing services. Just through there request queries I learn and do my complete internship and project in SEO, SMM. That time I got my first job after my training which was a big opportunity. Thankful to that company who given me training including my friends too. After that, I worked full-time freelance 2 years. Then I have done the job in 4 companies. Then I meet with someone by accident so I again started work freelance online and working full-time freelancer Martina Motwani.

Why did you go into online / Digital Strategy and not any other industry?

I want to work the way I prefer, where I go my work is with me and the important thing I learned online earnings it is making me happy. I work part time or full time. It's my day and my choice of work I do. I can't take a salary as a bribe to fulfill others dream so I started my online work and in 8 years worked more than 500 companies and brands with more than 50 countries.

How do you balance your entrepreneur life with friends that don’t understand the challenges we experience?

First a fall I have inspiration from my friend who is part of my life. She is every time with me love me care me and support me. I have one and only best friend whom I spend 12 years of my life. She is my power and support system after my family. Other Schoolmates and college mates they don't understand and I never try to much explain them. I faced lots of challenges and she is always with me. She said to me the first time I want to buy a ring that cost around 800 Rs. I am not sure at that moment I earn 800. That time I had taken my first project of 7500 Rs. This was my first job and I bought the ring for her. These small thing in life are very precious. Change your Friends if they are not understanding your point. I don't have a need to change a friend and explain. If people will not support, or not praise you it means you are doing well she said to me. I am happy that I have friends that are that understanding my goals in life.

As an female entrepreneur what are some of your most memorable experience(s) you had working at Martina Motwani and why?

As a Martina Motwani, I worked with more than 500 clients complete branding, online marketing, web development and more than 200 services I am providing with my company webfortuners and webseosmm I am having a great experience with my clients. My skills are useful for them and this matters for me. My knowledge is key to unlock the client's minds. I never thought that I am a big shot. I am a good human being that is enough for me. I dream to be a billionaire with God grace I can achieve. My clients trust me don't know me but hire me as per my conversation, communication, and my skills its biggest achievement.

What advice you give to young entrepreneurs who are contemplating following in your footsteps?

I believe in work hard and never give up which I learned from my brother. He is loving me more than anyone in this earth. He is my life saver and makes me stronger. I do what he wants. He is partner and owner on every venture we have. I am working in a company I have 8 to 10 employees working under me thankful that company boss who understands me given me a senior position to handle the team after my freelance career. Grab the opportunity and never feel that you can’t succeed. I am totally broken but my work is giving me power, happiness, and routine. When you smile all want you to be with you. Keep smiling and focus on your goals. Success hugs you personally but problems punish you publicly I feel that. I worked hard to fulfill my dreams.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so with Martina Motwani?

The expectations are endless. I want to become successful like Dan Lok and Digital Marketer like Neil Patel. I want to grow my business webfortuners and webseosmm and my food homemade tutorials and recipes to help women’s for best homemade easy cooking. Help Girls Safety through the apps because in India everyday trafficking is increased and planning for that and help NGO for digitalization as our venture. Our all ventures are truly created from our hearts. What people want we work on it. Clients are God and we always follow their instructions suggest what is best for them. They trust me and wish me success.

Who are other talented social media or digital strategist influencers you would hope to collaborate with?

I follow Neil Patel, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates,Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Jack Ma and Dan lock I want to collaborate with them make world peace and digitalized as help everyone use the internet.

Thank you Martina for being our feature guest on the NEECEEE LEXY blog. We are once agained honoured to have your here with us. We look forward in re-interviewing you in the near future. To all off our readers you can follow / contact Martina via here website listed below.

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Martina Motwani

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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