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Andria M. Thompson - Author of the newly published book: Designer's Original

"I write from my life experience not from what I studied or read somewhere. My writing is more of a testimonial not science fiction." - Andria Thompson

Stage Name: Andria M. Thompson (aka) Queen Andria

Home Town: Toronto, Ont

Profession: Teacher

Enterprise: Queen Mentor & Global Queens Coordinator for the Ambassador Queens Program





"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." was once said by the incredible philanthropist Nelson Mandela. This quote defines our special guest feature today Queen Andria M. Thompson.

Queen Andria is the author of Designer's Original, a women's guide to understanding her self-worth and identity in god. She has a great understanding on the power of education and an appreciation of what it takes to truly manifest the gift of knowledge to create platform that empowers women. Hence, providing a pathway of progress plus a remarkable vision for future women leaderships through her mentor/global ambassador program.

As an educator and community leader, Ms Andria has an extensive C.V. She is a former Community Producer/ Host at Rogers TV, Black Canadian Queen 2016, Top Choice Canada Ambassador 2017. Currently, she is the Global Coordinator for Black Women Honors & Empowerment Queens Program best known as BWHE in Toronto.

In addition, Ms Andria Thompson is a teacher, writer at Soulful Image Magazine and Author of her new book called Designer's Original. We are pleased to have on NEECEEE LEXY blog today to discuss about her Designer's Original book and educations. Plus, her overall journey as an entrepreneur. Please let us welcome Andria M Thompson!

Tell us about yourself?

Thank you NEECEE LEXY for having me.My love for God drives me; my desire is to please God in everything I do. Coming from a broken past, I understand firsthand what rejection, and low self-esteem feels like. You can read my full story in my book Designer’s Original a Woman’s Guide to Understanding Her Self-Worth and Identity in God. I have a passion to see women made whole spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. I believe "all women are uniquely beautiful; we are queens with an eternal crown. Some of us just need our crowns adjusted and for someone to remind us who we truly are.

What is the inspiration behind your enterprise Queen Ambassador Program?

The Black Canadian Queen a.k.a Ambassador Queens Program is a talent, skills and career ambassadorial initiative, formatted to help young women build their ambition and confidence while showcasing them from a position of honor and virtue. This initiative by the Diversity Advancement Network is designed to build confidence in young women, more than a beauty pageant and not beauty focused, but focuses more on the skills, strengths and abilities of minority women as a unique people that are sometimes without representation, misunderstood and judged with stereotypical views.

How can someone become a part of your organization?

Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you are a woman from birth. Candidates must be at least 19 years old. Complete an online application this will be revived by the Global office of the Queens Program. For more information they can visit us online click here or they could contact me and I would be more than happy to walk them through the process.

As 2015 - 2016 Queen and entrepreneur what are some of your most memorable experience(s) you had working at Queen Ambassador program and why?

It was an honour for me to be a part of the program and reign as queen in 2015-2016 this experience as opened so many doors and has allowed me to meet some wonderful people, from city leaders to MPs.

I have so many memorable experiences as a Queen/ Ambassador but, I would like to highlight the charity aspect of the program, going out in the community to serve in the food banks, visiting and spending time with our seniors, giving back to my community brought such joy. This fueled a passion in and pushed me to do more.

I was humbled and honoured to be recognized and awarded for my service in the community by Councillor Frances and the leaders in Ward 11, and recognized as Canada’s 100 Black Woman to Watch. I was nominated and awarded the Woman on Fire 2017 Community Service Award, I was grateful that my community was being impacted and humbled for the acknowledgment. Now as the Global Queens Coordinator for the Program I relive this memorable experience over again through the queens I mentor. I’m always filled with joy as they are being honoured.

Why did you go into women empowerment platform not any other industry?

As mentioned above I have a passion to see women made whole spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. We are carriers of life both naturally and spiritually. I believe as women when we are empowered and built up we are in a better position to nurture the next generation. But if we are broken our society will feel the affect of our brokenness. As I started to empower myself, I wanted to use the tools to help empower other women.

By profession you are teacher but when did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

To be honest I never thought of myself as a writer. However, I love reading. At the time I was working as a host on a TV network, I did an interview with a young lady the title of her book moved me to tears. She asked if I wanted to share my story by writing a chapter in her book I was hesitant, but I prayed about it and well the rest as they say is history. My passion for writing was birth, three books later I’m still writing.

As a published Author, congrats on your recent book launched. What inspired you to write Designer’s Original book?

I was inspired by my daughter’s and the young ladies I mentor. I wanted to remind them that we are not an afterthought. God knew exactly what He was doing when He created them. We don’t need to compare ourselves to others; no one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.

Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?

I believe my style is different because I’m different. I write from my life experience not from what I studied or read somewhere. My writing is more of a testimonial not science fiction.

Where can someone purchase your Book Designer’s Original?

They can order copies by contacting me or anyone of my co-authors. You can also visit us on facebook: @Designer's Original

For you young girl/ boy who wants to become a writer and publish book. What advice(s) do you have for these starting writers as experienced/ published author? I would encourage them to read. I believe as a writer, words are your furl; no better way to master words then reading. Find out what are you passionate about, and blog about it. Study your audience. Start off by writing one chapter at a time and build from there. Be true to yourself and your style. Remember you are leaving a legacy. Your writing will be around long after you are gone, so make your words count. Find a good editor that will help you to convey your message and publish your story.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years?

Without giving too much away, I’m currently working on a new project and hope to launch by spring 2019 Lookout for it!

Who are other talented leaders, influencers or entrepreneurs you would hope to collaborate with?

Most of my work is about collaboration, I have collaborated with some amazing women in the past. I would love to collaborate with you NEECEE LEXY ☺ I love the work you are doing our community needs more platforms like this to showcase all the good that is being done in our community, city and nation. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much! Yes indeed, I would love to collaborate with you in your upcoming projects. Give me a call anytime. It was a great pleasure to have your as our guest today on NEECEE LEXY we wish you all the best and have fantastic holidays. We look forward in re-interviewing you in the near future.

To all our readers world wide please make sure to check out Andria's new book Designer's Original now available on Chapters, Amazon more detail below


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