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Regine Alaina - The fierce Ms Galaxy Toronto 2019

"Wear something that makes you feel BEAUTIFUL because whatever you feel on the inside will shine through on the outside!" - Regine Alaina

Stage Name: Regine Alaina S

Home Town: Mississauga, Canada

Enterprise: Event Planner & Pageant Coach




Hello! Welcome back again to our New Year's special edition series. Today we are gearing our spotlight on the star of week from the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Ca. The fierce Ms Regine Alaina who is a corporate event planner and a pageant coach. Hence, She is a co-host on Krosswave Radio for The Sit Down show along side Scott Dion Brown. Her radio segment is aired live every Sunday morning from 11 am to 12pm on KrossWave powered by MCBN network.

In addition, Regine is the winner of Miss Canada Top Choice Pageant 2016 and Miss Canada Universe finalist 2017. Thats not all... she is currently running as Ms Galaxy Toronto 2019. We are pleased to have Regine here with us on NEECEE LEXY blog to share her journey in the pageant industry as well as details about the upcoming Ms Galaxy 2019 grand finale.

Please welcome Ms Regine, tell us about yourself?

I love long walks on the beach and outlets shopping. I am a corporate event planner by day at Peninsula Canada, and a pageant coach by night. On weekends I spend time with loved ones, make appearances, and I co-host for a radio talk show.

When did you start getting involved in pageant shows?

In 2010 I was asked to join Miss Philippines PIDC, I was not sure if it was something I wanted to do or something I could do, but after speaking about it with my family and having their support, I tried it out and loved it!

Who inspired you to enter pageant?

Initially I always wanted to model, my god mother used to model in the Philippines and I had always looked up to her. When I told her and my mom about the pageant they were both supportive and she even came from Ohio to be here with me in Toronto to do my makeup!

Wow, I love the family support! What is your go to fashion tips as a beauty pageant?

I like anything that sparkles and make me feel good. Although I know sparkle and bright colours aren’t for everyone so my tip would be to wear something that makes you feel BEAUTIFUL because whatever you feel on the inside will shine through on the outside!

What is(are) your favourite (s) pageant experience(s) and why?

Every pageant that I have been a part of has had its impact on my life. But one of my favourite pageant experiences was when I competed in the Philippines for Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2012. It truly was the experience of a lifetime! I was with 29 other women from all over the Philippines and other parts of the world, we travelled to places I would never thought I would go and like all the other pageants I have competed in, I made lifelong friends while creating lifelong memories!

Pageant has always been your passion. In 2017, you took part in competing for Miss Universe Canada. What were top 3 lessons you have gained at Miss Universe Canada?

Miss. Universe Canada 2017 was such a great experience and I definitely learned A LOT of lessons. If I had to narrow it down to the top 3 it would be: 1. Be friends with everyone, yes it’s a competition but I have made such great friends from all over the country, and built my network from that experience! 2. Be true to yourself, especially in a pageant as prestigious as Miss Universe Canada you get can easily get caught up in the preparation and trying to impress everyone that you can lose yourself. And lastly, 3 Not matter the outcome - be positive! Not everyone can win and I’m not going to lie I was very intimidated going into the competition, but I knew that no matter the outcome I would come out a better person than when I walked into the competition.

I remembered first time meeting you backstage at CTC grand finale as you were preparing for talent segment. I interviewed you for quick seconds and went to watched your performance. I told my assistant you were going win that night because it was phenomenal stage presence! Sure enough You were crowned as Miss Canada's Top Choice 2016 Beauty Queen!. Congratulation on that. What have you gained the most from these entire experiences at the Miss Canada Top Choice 2016?

Oh my gosh yes I remember that! Firstly, thank you for your support and kind words. Being Miss Canada’s Top Choice 2016 was amazing! There really are no words to describe the experience. I was given the opportunity to be more involved in community, host charity events and it really brought out the best in me.

For a girl who is interested in entering a pageant, what advice will your give her?

DO IT. Pageantry really helped me develop to a better version of myself. I became more confident, I learned how to But first do your research on what the organization, do your visions match theirs? What is expected of you? how much time would you have to give them? Do you have to make media appearances? How many hours of rehearsals are there? How many outfits do you need to prepare? and the cost - How much is the registration? Do you need sponsorship? How far to I have to travel and how much will that commute cost?

Can you tell us about the crowning moment?

It was a moment I cannot forget. I had all my friends and family there (around 2 or 3 rows of people) and my heart was racing, my hands were sweaty and my stomach was hungry. I remember the top 4 being called and my name has yet to be called. When it got to the winner’s name I remember looking to Jolorn who was 1st runner up and squeezing her hand. Then all you hear Randy and Bianca, “3-2-1 #10... REGINE….” and the crowd went wild!! I really tried not to ugly cry and I couldn’t stop saying “Thank you” because after taking a break from pageantry it was a huge accomplishment.

August 3rd, Canada’s Top Choice will be hosting their annual pageant show. What tips or personal advice would you give these new contestants to prepare themselves to win the crown?

Just be yourself, have a great time, make friends and make the efforts to attend rehearsal, go to the special appearances and soak in all it has to offer!

2018, has been an incredible year for you both as MC, and recently launching your radio show at Krosswave with MCBN ( The Sit Down with Scott Dion Brown & Regine Alaina. How has it been so far as the newest radio host in the city/ county?

It’s been a blast! It’s great when you get along with the people you work with and the guests have been great! Truthfully Sunday mornings have become my favourite day of the week because we get to talk about anything and everything, and I get to meet so many amazing and talented local people!

Where can we tune in to view the live show segment?

The Sit Down with Scott Dion Brown and myself is live every Sunday from 11:00am-12:00pm EST and can be viewed on Facebook click here.

You are back again this year in the pageant scene for The Ms. Galaxy Canada 2019, what a great way to kick start of you year. What can we expect from Regine Alaina this year’s pageant?

You can definitely expect a comeback! Haha I have a great #teamRegine behind me helping me improve my walk, sprucing up my stage presence and even dressing me! It’s going to be exciting!

Please, tell us where can we find info about the show?

The Grand Finals will be on Saturday April 27, 2019 at the Novotel Toronto Mississauga Centre (3670 Hurontario St, Mississauga) from 7pm-11pm. Tickets are going quickly so be sure to get them while you still can on their Facebook event page or through Eventbrite click here.

Who are other talented designers or entrepreneurs, influencers, stylists you would hope to collaborate with?

I have been blessed to have worked with many great people, other Beauty Queens, fashion designers and many entrepreneurs. I love collaborating and I am open to working with anyone who has the same vision as me and has a great product and story to tell.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

I really want to start working on starting my own Event Planning Company, I currently have the business name chosen and I have started my social media, but I haven’t had the chance to really get it started and do more freelance work. So I am hoping to continue building my network and launching that service soon! So if you need any event coordinator let me know ;)

Congrats! I will be looking forward to the grand opening day for your business. Off course, an event coordinator service is needed for our future projects which are currently under development.

Thank you once again for the lovely interview and we look forward in re-interviewing you in the near future. Let's us know when you business is up and running we would love to covered it.

To all our readers world wide please make sure to check out Regine's Radio show every Sunday at 11:am to 12:00pm live on KrossWave Radio Facebook: The Sit Down with Scott Dion Brown & Regine Alaina.



Instagram: @itsreginealaina

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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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