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June-Marie - The stunning Toronto Fashion Model

"These past four years have been such an uplifting and inspirational time in my life." - June-Marie

Stage Name: June-Marie

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Model/Actor/Brand Ambassador

Enterprise: June-Marie




💕 Happy Valentine's Day! On Behalf of the NEECEE LEXY team we want to wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day. May this season of love bring you more joy and peaceful union.

We are honoured to have a very special guest with us today to celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY EDITION. Allow us to welcome the phenomenal and Canadian actress and model June-Marie.

Photo by Yaamon Mark Wong

June-Marie is a mother to two incredible children and soon to be grandmother to two adorable babies. June-Marie is a 63 years old fabulous Fashion Model who started her career in fashion & entertainment industry about 4 years ago at 59 years old. Since then she has been featured in films, magazines, music videos, and currently working as a brand ambassador. The gorgeous June-Marie proofs that age is nothing but a number. You can make your dreams become a reality at any point in life. You just have to have strong faith, courage and support system that believe in you.

After going through chronic illness June-Marie found strengthen and courage through modelling after being motivated by her son. Hence, she spent her free time doing humanitarian efforts by helping homeless organizations and women's shelter. We thrilled and humble to have June-Marie with us today on NEECEE LEXY to share her personal story, journey in discovering her calling, and passion for fashion and art.

Featured in Femme Modern Magazine September 2017. Photographer by TifScene Stylist: House of Carder

Please welcome June-Marie! Tell us about yourself

I am a mum to two adult married children and a grand mum to a four year old girl and another girl due in five weeks. I am also a freelance model and actor. On my slow months I try to pay it forward as much as possible by getting involved with the homeless organizations, a women’s shelter, or do a student film here and there with some amazing aspiring young artists. I also try to update my acting classes with Meisner Technique with Robert Bellissimo, my coach, teacher and friend for the past two years.

When did you start modelling?

I started at the young age of 59 was bedridden for a year with a chronic illness and it kind of all fell in my path. Mind you there was a lot emotional, physical and mental preparation involved to reach the point of putting myself out there.

Photographer: Fred Moor

Who inspired your modeling career?

Quite a few people have inspired me to start my journey into the world of modeling. My children were the ones who put that spark into my head to give it a try. They’ve always believed I should have tried modeling a very long time ago. Second, my very first photographer Fred Moore who never gave up on me despite my age and my illness. He believed in me, stood by me and encouraged me to take it to the next level. I also have many family and friends who are my biggest supporters. They encourage and motivate me constantly, especially when I am having a not so good day.

What is your go to fashion tips?

My gosh….I have so many. My biggest go to fashion tip is to always wear clothes that fit you properly. There’s nothing more uncomfortable knowing your garment is either too tight, short or not the right size. Having your garment fit gives you a sense of secureness that you are styling it with perfection and ease.

Photographer: TIFSCENE

What is your favourite (s) runway experience(s) and why?

By far my favourite runway experience was when I walked for Jenny Rossy Designs for a Charity Fashion Show for Toronto’s Homeless organized by the talented, Kit Wong of Projectredridinghood. This is a non profit organization that raise money yearly to distribute red bags filled with the necessary items to help the homeless people on the streets. These bags are distributed by Kit and her many volunteers on New Year’s Day. Sometimes it’s not always about the money but the rewards of putting a smile on someone’s face or keeping them warm or just showing that you care is priceless to me.

You are a fabulous 63 years old model. Can we just start by saying you are a phenomenal women and your story is inspirational. Please continue to rock this fashion industry graceful my dear. How has your overall experience been in the fashion industry?

Well thank you my dear for the lovely compliment. My overall experience in the fashion industry has been quite an awakening filled with wonderful experiences to say the least. I first thought I would have been judged and stereotyped because of my age but that wasn’t the case. These past four years have been such an uplifting and inspirational time in my life. I have met some amazing people who have touched me beyond measure and I hope I have touched their hearts as well.

1. Meisner Acting classes with Robert Bellissimo 2. Toronto's Homeless on New Year's Day. Face is protected for privacy. 3.BTS of The Over Pass. I played a dying wife

You are an actress too, can you tell us more about that and the work you have been apart of?

The acting part came shortly after I started modeling. I was doing a skin care video and met a lovely lady by the name of Liz Taylor who was the other model in the video. She later asked me to do some background work for her in the movie she was appearing in. Well, that opened doors for more background work that led to more corporate videos, music videos, short films and a few feature films. The acting industry is a lot of fun. You slowly turn from friends into a show biz family sometimes almost over night. It’s amazing and I love it!


Where can we go and watch your acting films to support it?

So far I have had small roles and some were non speaking ones. I am still trying to overcome the small disability I do experience when I go on auditions which is the brain fog I experience daily and some slurred speech when talking. This is more in my head than not. Most people say they do not notice it which is a good thing. Some of my work can be found on YouTube or Vimeo.

As a professional model what area in the fashion industry you think receive little attention but deserves more?

Even though the fashion industry have made some changes along the years like diversity and inclusion. I feel there is still room for improvement in the area of treating a female model as a person and not a thing or an object like some mannequin or something. Female models are still dealing with sexual harassment, are encouraged eating disorders and many of them are underage. The fashion industry do have its dark side and is far from the glam we see in the magazines today. I would love this to completely change one day.

Are you currently working on any model or acting projects that we should watch out for it?

I have a small part in a feature movie called, ‘The Color Of The Heart’, filming starts in the Spring of 2019. I will be modeling in a fantastic show in May 2019 to raise funds for the feature movie, ‘Flames Of Flury’. I am in the process of selecting photos with my photographer Sam Taylor who will be submitting them to magazines in the Spring 2019. I have a photo shoot lined up with Blair from TifScene in February for another magazine submission.

Femme Modern Magazine in September of 2017. Photographer by TifScene Stylist: House of Carder

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

I hope to start to write a book that will inspire many women out there to believe that it’s never too late or you are never too old to chase your dreams and desires. Also no matter what life throws at you, and in my case a very chronic illness, you can turn it around to be a beautiful blessing in your life.

Who are other talented designers or entrepreneurs, influencers, and directors you would hope to collaborate with?

I would love to work with the designer Lesley Hampton and her Be Body Aware Project. I love her message and her models are all very diverse and beautiful each in their own way.I would love to make a movie with this young, super talented beyond his years director/producer and one of the mastermind behind Pendance Film Festival, Robert Misovic.

I would love to work with my friend J-Ryze. He help heroes build better empires. This is someone I want around when I start to write my book. He inspires me to no end.

Thank you for much June-Marie for the wonderful interview! We wish you all the best plus we look forward in re-interviewing once your book is out. To all our viewers and follower world wide we once again wish you HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FROM OUR TEAM TO YOU WITH LOVE.

To global readers, if you would like to keep in touch with June-Marie work please find her social media details below.



iMAGO: Project Red Ridding Hood


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Facebook Page: June Buggxo

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