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NARA S: The international Canadian Fashion Model on board

"Never lose hope and don’t give up. If you want it, go for it. Stay positive!" - Nara S

Photo: @korbybannerHair & MUA @corrieelleartistry

Stage Name: Nara S Hometown: Toronto, ON Profession: Full-time flight attendant & part-time model




Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of NEECEE LEXY crew, I’d like to welcome you aboard to our Weekly Feature with nonstop service to TORONTO. We are thrilled to have an special guest on board, the charismatic fashion model NARA S.

Nara S started her modelling career at 18 years old and was signed by Toronto based model agency Morgan models. She has been featured in major fashion shows such as Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), Canadian Asian Fashion Week (CAFWK), International Modesty Fashion & Festival 2018 (IMFDF) etc. Thus, NARA has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and Justice. A true definition of beauty and brain well done Nara. In addition, Nara is currently a full time Flight Attendant and part time model. She has a lots of exciting plans for the fashion industry in next 2 years. We are honoured to have her on the NEECEE LEXY to share them with us. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the NEECEE LEXY I ask that you please direct your attention to this next segments for the full interview details. As we gear up to learn more about the stunning Fashion Model NARA S journey in the fashion industry as well as a flight cabinet crew. We look forward to insuring that your journey with us today is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Grab your morning coffee or tea as we continue to read more about Nara S. Without further due please let us welcome NARA S.

Please, tell us about yourself I was born in South Korea, but left when I was just under 3 years old. My childhood was spent in the Philippines. Then around 10 years old, I moved here in Canada. I moved a lot in my life, and I think that’s why traveling the world is part of who I am. I have BA in criminology and justice as well. Now, I am a full-time flight attendant and part-time model.

Photographer: Raymond Chow (Canadawears) & @raiallen Hair: @carlos_spellboundhairdesign MUA @makeupbysamanthacouture

When did you start modelling?

I started modeling when I was 18, however I took a long hiatus during my university years to finish school. Then maybe at around age 21, I got back into modeling as a freelance model.

Who inspired your modeling career? Cindy Crawford was always my idol when it came to modeling. However, as a Canadian, I look up to Coco Rocha and Jessica Stam.

1. Photo: Raymond Chow (Canadawears) & @raiallen. 2. Photo: @leighton_smith_. 3. Photo: Raymond Chow (Canadawears)

As a fashion model, what is your go to fashion tips?

My go to fashion tip is to be comfortable in what you wear and look chic at the same. You shouldn’t care what others think, but you need to be okay with what you wear.

What is your favourite (s) runway experience(s) and why? My favourite runway experience is with the CAFW (Canadian Asian Fashion Week). The reason behind this is because it was awesome to represent my Asian background and support other Asians in the fashion industry.

Photo by @pascal191074

You are also a fabulous flight attendant for the Canadian Airlines. Please tell us your all time favourite destination you have travelled to and why?

My all-time favourite destination is Frankfurt, Germany. Our hotel is just outside of the city, in a town called Mainz. This is where I fell in love with Germany. Germany has an amazing history and architecture. Walking along the Rhine river in Mainz, is a bonus! You can never say no to this place.

They say flight attendants are expert at beauty secret when traveling. Do you have any beauty secret you want share with us? My beauty secret is to always stay hydrated. At the end of the day (on a long flying day), whether at the hotel or at home, I apply a fask mask before bed. I also carry a face mist for the plane, since planes are so dry. I finish the day with drinking lots of water!

Photo by @pascal191074

What is the most fun or interesting thing about your job as a Flight Attendant that people do not know apart from traveling country to country?

Before being a flight attendant, we go through an intensive 2 month training. This involves knowing all the different airplanes, security and safety procedures and most importantly the emergency procedures. Once we pass being a flight attendant, every year we have to go through training and pass that training in order to keep flying (almost like renewing your license).

What is (are) your most memorable moment (s) as a Flight attendant thus far and why?

As a flight attendant, we are the ones people see on board the plane, and who gives you drinks and food. However, we are more than just a sky server. We are there to save you in case of an emergency as well.

I had many incidents when I had to deal with medical situations on board, but one of my most memorable moment was not even a medical or an emergency one. On April 2018, I was one of the flight attendants bringing some of the Toronto van attack victims' parents from Korea to Toronto. The incident occurred in the North York area, also known as the Korean town. We had 3 sets of parents coming to Toronto, not knowing if their child was alive or dead. As a Korean speaker on that flight, I could have said something, but no words were needed. I just took their hands and just supported them with my touch. I see everything from good to bad on planes. But I know that sometimes even the littlest thing I do on board, can effect someone.

IMFDF 2018 - Designer @Lexynellereveurceo


What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career as fashion model and hoping to make it in the fashion industry Never lose hope and don’t give up. If you want it, go for it. Stay positive! The fashion industry is a very compétitive place, know that you will most likely fall at some point, but have that courage to get up and try again.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so ? I’ll be moving to Montreal soon to advance my modeling career. And within the next 2 years, I am hoping to get into the Korean market as well.

Photographer: @thetenthletterj HMUA: @neil_silverman_makeup .​

Who are other talented Fashion designers, fashion stylists, influencers or travel experts you would hope to collaborate with? There are so many to name, however I would love to colaborate with Chriselle Lim and dior. Thank you!

You're very welcome! Plus thank you for sharing your story with us today on the NEECEE LEXY blog. It was lovely having you as our special guest feature this morning. In fact, our first flight attendant on board. We are deeply honoured and wishing you all the best in your modelling journey.

We would love to re-interview in the near future. Please feel free to reach us at anytime and best of look on your international model marketing plans in the Korean Fashion beauty industry.

To our global readers, if you would like to follow up with Nara fashion or travel experience?

You can find her on Instagram click here.


Social Media Contact:

Instagram: @nara.ismyname

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