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Florence Cajuste - An International Montreal Based Published Model With 14 Magazine Features

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

I am passionate about creative photoshoots. That’s how I got to be featured in many magazines. - Flohraly

Stage Name: Flohraly

Home Town: Originally from Montreal. Living in Ottawa

Enterprise: Flohraly model





Florence Cajuste, also known as Flohraly, is a multi-talented creative director, model, and actor.

Flohraly is from Montreal, Quebec but currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, to pursue a modeling career and profession as a government service worker.

Flohraly has been featured in multiple magazines, including seven times in Pretty Poison Magazine, four times in Northern Shine Magazine, twice in FEMME ModernMagazine, and once in IMirage Magazine 2018.

Flohraly is currently working on a film project due soon as she continues to take the fashion industry by storm... We are excited to have her as our special feature cover this week on NEECEE LEXY.

In today's interview, we will discuss the fashion scene and learn more about Flohraly’s journey as a fashion model in the entertainment industry. I know you've all been waiting to hear from her and how she does it all. Please allow me to welcome the unstoppable feature queen, Ms. Florence, aka Flohraly.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Haiti and moved to Canada when I was two. I’m a dog lover. My miniature poodle Peanut is a big part of my life. I do a lot of volunteering for the Kidney Foundation and other charity foundations during my free time. I enjoy doing print modeling, runways, and creative photoshoots. To stay in shape, I enjoy hot yoga, Zumba, and aqua fitness.

Wow! That incredible introduction Ms. Florence, So when did you start modeling?

I've been modeling since I was a child and while growing up in Montréal. When I relocated to Ottawa, I stopped modeling for some time. For the past three years, I have been inspired to model again and become very active with photographers in the Ottawa modeling scene, including on-location photo shoots, runways, and acting. I am passionate about creative photo shoots, which got me featured in a lot of magazines, such as FEMME, Northern Shine, and Pretty Poison, to name a few.

Who inspired your modeling career?

Iman has played a big role in inspiring my modeling career.

She is an iconic fashion figure, for sure. You posted this beautiful photo with Haiti’s thematic colors on your recent Instagram feed. What is the inspiration behind your latest editorial? I was born in Haiti and wanted to tell my ancestors' story, so I teamed up with a Haitian body painter to create a canvas with the Haitian flag to tell my story.

What are your go-to fashion tips?

Invest in a great and fashionable bag. The bag's quality lasts longer than the quantity of bags you have.

Well said there! What is your favorite (s) runway experience(s), and why?

My favorite runway experience is being part of Runway for Hope. It’s a great event in Ottawa.

It’s also for a fantastic charity, C.H.E.O. for the Children’s Hospital.

What can we expect from you in the next two years or so?

I will do more runway shows and photoshoots in Europe and the States.

Who are other talented designers or stylists you would hope to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with you and your team; I have loved your designs since we met two years ago. It has been two years already; time does fly by. Of course, I will be honored! Let's make that happen; next time you are in my city, we are booking creative shoots. I can speak for the LEXYNELLE REVEUR team; we cannot wait to have you rock our collection.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be interviewed on our weekly feature cover today. I look forward to our fashion and creative shoot collaboration soon. As for our readers, watch out for our update with Florence as we plan out the creative work. We will keep you all updated soon. In the meantime, make sure to check her website:


All Photo credits are listed on and belong to their rightful owner.

Website: Twitter: @Flohraly Facebook modeling Page:

Florence Instagram: Bcjuste


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