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How to Pay Off Student Loan Debt FAST - Start From Today

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I started this get out Student Debt series to help another individual who is going through the same things. My blog the main objective is to provide helpful content with impactful tips and hacks to improve your entrepreneurship lifestyle. For many of us, there is an elephant in the room credit card debt or student debt.

Achieving a financial free means understanding your money matters and be better at saving, investing and spending wisely.

On this first DEBT FREE Lifestyle: I am going to cover how to pay off debt or student loan fast.

Get a paper and pencil, bring all your numbers and a calculator and less tackle this debt together. Let's get started, shall we!

Look at your bank statement:

Seriously, when was the last time you log into your bank account to evaluate your spending habit? I don't mean login to transfer money or pay a bill. It's important to sit down and look into your bank statement and notice how is money coming and in and going out off your bank account monthly or weekly.

After two years of ignoring my student because my financial situation was very after graduation. I finally had enough and wanted a pace of mind. After watching Dave Rasmy videos and a couple of other students who clear their debt. I was determined to do the same and set my money for success. One of the first things I need to get better at was budgeting and looking into my bank statement.

Learn to budgeting every dollar coming

My older sister is the first person who taught me about financial budgeting and saving my income. While living with her she will lay down our weekly budget, the monthly rent, and phone bills. Whenever we save few pounds from our weekly food & hygiene products I would use those to go out on fancy dinner to reward ourselves. It was so great to see her lifestyle outside my family home and her being a responsible adult in a foreign country.

After leaving my sister and coming back home to my parent, I knew my money language has changed. I was determined to change my jobs, salary and getting out of student debt in a matter of 1 or 2 and no more than 3 years. I got a job sustained my then lifestyle, used my income to pay off my pocket my post-grad certification. At the same time, I was also saving to leave my then job to move to a better position in Digital Marketing. I wanted to pursue my passion field and work in a career which I will enjoy better.

Learn to save and you will never live paycheque to paycheque

There are two versions of savings plans that I was focusing on for my short term and long term goals. Some are personal and others are a must.

  • LEVEL JOB: The first saving was my exist $$$ to leave an unhappy workplace while I map my next 5 to 10 years plan. At the time I was saving every dollar up to $10k before I can leave my then job. I knew there was no growth or future align for me there. All the discussion was expansion and increase their brand profits margin which i successful help in contributed to the growth. However, my salary was reflecting which mean i wasn't able to get off my student loan debt. On the positive side. I used that experience to know how to run business and wear many hats of operational and management which i'm grateful today.

  • GLOW UP SKILLS - My second saving plan was to invest on my skills with career focus and entrepreneurial focus. I made sure, I took no additional student loans instead I funded my post-grad certifications in Social media marketing. This extract education means that I need to foster my skills and knowledge to get into my dream career.

  • LIFESTYLE INVESTMENT - Saving number 3 - Investing into my entrepreneurship ideas and long term goals for retirement. For example, I made sure I have paid for the domain name for few years ahead to keep my website active without having to worry to it will be paused or interpreted by financial woes.

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: I also bought a camera, lights, software for editing, table and recorded my home office to have an in-house studio. The idea is I refused to waste money going into a rental studio to produce my social media content so I invested in-home studio set up.

  • EMERGENCY: We all something get hit with life situations that require us to have funds. Whether is car breakdown, laptop damage, phone damage, new project idea needs upfront cash to start or family member needs to borrow money. I call this life happen money that we need.


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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