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Should I Invest, Save or Pay Off Debt First?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hello, millennials and Gen Z people! You are most likely thinking about some big adulthood steps in order to secure your financial freedom. You are wondering whether to invest in stocks or Bitcoin, save for that first home or get out of debt first.

Today I will share with you a personal note and some advice I got from my successful business colleague. Depending on how deep your debt is, I recommend meeting with a CPA or an accredited financial advisor to look at your situation. They might have helpful resources within your state/province/city to better support you.


Let‘s Talk Money

Save, Invest and Live debt FREE by Neecee lexy
Save, Invest and Live Debt Free!
1. Learn to save, save, save!

The majority of us have bad relationships with money because we never understood how to manage it. Every pay cheque we acquire either goes straight to shopping, entertainment, or even to subscription fees for things we hardly even use. Unless we learn to save and manage the little money we have, we won’t be able to cope with large sums of the excess money we want. Let’s start by first saving $100 every month or set yourself a timely goal. For instance, tell yourself by August 31st of this year that you want to save for a down payment, a new laptop, pay off student loans, and so on. Once August 31st comes, you should be able to achieve that goal or even be nearly close to it. That’s the first step: have your goal(s) written down and manifested into a reality.

Importance of saving
  • It teaches you discipline.

  • It helps you understand SMART goals are far more attainable then wishful thinking.

  • You have more enjoyable times doing it because it is subconsciously rewarding.

2. Get out of debt as fast as you can!

Debt is like a toxic relationship, which only takes so much from you but it never gives you anything in return. You are left with doubting every money move you take and feeling trapped. Often times, people with debt are less likely to dive into new business opportunities or taking risks for the fear of not being able to afford it.

Someone once told me SCARED MONEY DON'T MAKE MONEY!

Trust me, I had that look on my face like “what do you mean by that?”; only months later did I realize that every money decision I made came out of fear of not going broke again.

You freedom to be fearless
Be fearless
3. Invest like your future depends on it

This brings us to the most important stage of adulthood – investing in our future and building generational wealth.

Once you learn the value of saving money and how it will positively change your life dynamic, I believe you are ready to invest extra funds into a comfortable financial situation by investing your money into stocks or Bitcoin. I would also like to add the fact that by learning how to invest, you’re giving yourself the ability to manifest some greater financial freedom in the future.

Investment portfolio:

There are several things you can invest in today. It can either be in the form of educational investment to gain knowledge or you can also invest into major industries (stocks, real estate, Bitcoin, etc.). In the end, this gives you the ability to gain dividends on profit. Get started on building your investment portfolio today!

It all comes down to two forms of investment: short term and long term.


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