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What is E-marketing? A Beginner's Guideline

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

What is E-Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy in which businesses connect with clients to promote or upsell their product or service by sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people using email address. One of the most known email marketing uses among most marketers is Mailchimp.

Content creators use email marketing to broadcast their content, send advertisements, and request business. Other non-profit organizations use email marketing to solicit sales or donations from partners or sponsors. Make sure to get familiar with EMAIL MARKETING COMPLIANCE.


Generally speaking, this form of marketing involves using email addresses to send advertisements by allowing you to create targeted and personalized messages. This marketing strategy, when done right, can help you reach and connect with your target audience and increase business profits or sales. One advantage is that it's inexpensive in comparison to PPC.


Email marketing can be used for any business size or type, as long as you have the means to access client contacts or form submissions to generate leads. Email marketing communication is accessible, easy to setup and replicate, and cheap. In addition, you can personalize the content, whether it's sharing your new blog post, product release, seasonal sales discounts to returning or new clients.

Analytics vs Sales Generate:

For best practice, always make sure you are following up on your email marketing analytics to determine which types of email content are actually reflected in the number of sales produced to encourage upsell or additional follow up.


Most common email marketing problems

Sometimes, email marketing might not work, due to problems most businesses have no control over. Below are issues you can run into with this type of marketing strategy. Moreover, I have included tips on how to avoid those common email marketing strategy mistakes.

  • Low Delivery Rate - This is common if you have a low number of form submissions or people have unsubscribed from your email marketing list, even though sometimes you might have high volume of signs for the initial engagement. If clients do not find value for being on your mail list or feel pressured to buy something, this will result in high "unsubscribe" rates.

  • Low Open Rate - This is when not enough people open their emails containing sales or promotional materials. Low open rates means not many people are clicking on their emails.

  • High SPAM Complaints (usually seen in connection with #4) - Some companies or businesses overdo email marketing as it is free. They might end up sending out 2 to 4 emails per week. Depending the subject line, it will automatically go on spam list or the users can flag as spam email. As a result, this impacts your future email to that individual.

How Can Your Business Overcome This Issue?

Time sensitive email blast to induce FOMO ( Fear of missing out) can encourage this client to act on the email faster. For example, you are providing email marketing with coupon try include end date for the promo code. Personalize the subject line to the user name and include sale content on the email. Instead, induce helpful content so that clients do not feel you are always selling them products.

TIPS Plan Emails and Follow-Up: Try to do a follow up email within 7 to send friendly reminders for the promo code end date.

The main point is to limit frequent email blasts going out to users per week. Produce effective headlines with personalized touches. Try to segment your email listings into groups based on everyone's intention with your brand. For example, in my previous job role managing a fitness studio, I would segment lead form signs for drop classes, teaching training courses, class pass sales, or regular membership upgrade deals. Each of these groups would get separate emails and content based on their fitness interests.

If you enjoyed this basic email marketing intro and would like to learn more, comment below. I will share with you more insight and stats on how to help your company generate 107k in sales with both email marketing and social media via Mailchimp.


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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