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How To Implement SEO On Your Blog Posts

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

In this post you are doing to learn how to implement SEO optimization in your blog post using wix site. Before we start, make sure you are login into your back end of your website hosting site.


Make sure you are logged into the website with blog content that you would like to do SEO for. On the right hand side you will see your Dashboard click on word "Blog" and select from Posts a post you would like the edit. It can be previously published post, drafts, scheduled or trash on.

This will allow you to go to specific blog article you can implement the SEO changes for.


Once you have opened the blog post you will screen on the left hand side of the screen under WIX icon tool bar. It should it will show list of with My Sites name across from it.

SEO strategy with Neecee Lexy

Step 1:

Click on the sections that says SEO. A menu will pop up with SEO settings.

Step 2:

On the Sections that says Page SEO you have the ability to previous on Google how you content will show on the organic search network.

Step 3:

On the URL Slug sections you can edit this what ever text you want. Generally speaking this your URL silos try make sure these urls includes your headlines or strong keywords.

Step 4:

SEO title section will generally be the name of your article or blog post. Sometimes you can shorten it down to short phrase keywords.

Lastly the SEO descriptions section. In this areas you can provide short meta description of you blog post or article with hook and what user should expect once they click to read more. Also you want to encourage them to click on your website by adding call to action such as " read more" or learn more.

On the social Share tap: You can add the text and image that display when this page is shared on social networks like Facebook & Pinterest. Plus, it offers you a chance to preview on social media live before posting the article. There will be place to add title or you can customize the title to appear on social media plus meta descriptions.

Advanced SEO settings:

This is the areas in which you can structure that data to provide blog posting schema markups which are automatically added to this page to help Google display it as a rich result. Learn more.

This sections includes your meta tags or if you would like to add more custom tags.

Before ending you SEO strategy I highly recommend you to also include tags or categories your blog into topics. I will be discussing this more on our next post in details.

Want to customize the SEO settings of all your blog posts in one go? Go to SEO Patterns. You can contact our team today via email or fill out the contact form our Digital Marketing strategist will reach you within 24 hours.


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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